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it's simp season. 
You know you're sad that you don't have a bae to take you on beach dates this summer. 
You're also upset because you ruined your sharp af winged eyeliner when you started crying over it. 
Your eyebrows are still looking fleek, but your tears ran down your cheek and ruined your contour. 
Sephora just ran out of all of the Naked palettes.

isn't it sad? 
Convey your sadness by slapping a SADGIRLZ Arched Decal on your car

$6.50 shipped - Free U.S. shipping. 
(please allow an extra 3 days for international orders to be shipped). 
Proceeds will go towards American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)

owner: @mk5meredith

**Please note, this is a one-man operation. Orders are shipped out with 3 business days of placement. 
Any further inquiries, please utilize the "Contact" link on my store. I will not respond to direct messages on Instagram.