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Upset that your girl left you for some guy who's eyebrows look like caterpillars? And you figure out that he drives an automatic Toyota Corolla? AND he vapes?
Do you get emotional when you watch the music video for Hurt by Yung Lean?
Do you go against the socially constructed stereotype that men must be emotionless and cold-hearted i.e. you're a sensitive mf and started crying because you cracked the barrel of your wheel when you hit a pothole?

well this is THE perfect sticker for you.
"SADBOYZ" arched windshield decal in gloss white

$6.50 shipped - Free U.S. shipping
(please allow an extra 3 days for international orders to be shipped).
Proceeds will go towards American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)

**Please note, this is a one-man operation. Orders are shipped out within 3 business days of placement.
Any further inquiries, please utilize the "Contact" link on my store. I will not respond to direct messages on Instagram.